Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let the count down begin!! Baby number five is on the way!!

NINE days - 9 - nine DAYS

It has been some time since we posted, but we are so excited to say
There is another BAby in our future--
Just nine days away!!

So we'll start the count down this very minute,
How can we help it?
What else can we do?
He'll be our precious BAby boy,
So very, very Soon!  

EIGHT  days - 8 - eight  DAYS

 Eight days and counting, his biggest sister Kirtlyn looks forward to all that's in store

 Just smelling the flowers, only eight days more! 

 SEVEN days - 7 - seven DAYS

Seven days is sweet
This baby is on his way! 
Big brother Thomas, and sister Kirtlyn
are still counting down the days!! 

SIX days - 6 - six DAYS

Six days is Something, 
but anyone can see 

Big brother Hyrum
is Oh So Very Happy!!

 FIVE days - 5 - five DAYS
Five is a special day, 
There are five days left, 
and this will make baby #5 on the way!

But Mischievous Maya is clearing the way
making room for her new baby brother-
with out delay!   

FOUR days - 4 - four DAYS

With four more days to go, 
We are enjoying the Sabbath day even more!  

All we can think about is the precious blessing that lies ahead, 
The day we get our new little one- sent to us, straight from Heaven, 
another four days away! 

THREE days - 3 - three DAYS
Three days left now, 
and it is really just a blur
From start to finish 
All I knew was I have to get through just 3 days more!!

Friday, February 24, 2012


As many of you already know, we decided it would be best for Thomas to head back to Mexico, while we stayed in Safford, just to live within our budget. We have had a lot of blessings, and help has been given along the way, but we miss him constantly!! Here is a picture of him making one of his many excellent dinners at home in Mexico-corn beef & hash!!
But we have had some sweet times, and are still making memories together...even if we are apart!!
The days are progressing into something Beautiful!! The kids have found some wonderful ways to spend each minute in the sunshine! Hyrum especially loves the hammock!

Maya insists on following Grandpa around the yard to do some gardening! She is a Big help, I am sure!!

Kirltyn and the cousins jump in the pool when ever they can! That is a favorite activity around here!
And of course, Kirtlyn was struck with a brilliant idea to host a Little kids-Big talent Show!
seats were set-up,
talents were practiced,

Popcorn was passed-out. Kirtlyn was hosting. And bows were given!

Some girls sang! Everyone had to wait "behind the curtain" for their turn!
and Thomas and Hyrum gave a Ben 10, performance of course!

Of course we enjoyed Valentines day and all it had to offer, even though we are not all together!
We did everything we could to share our love with each other, no matter where we were!
We loved having breakfast for dinner with Heather Haskins and the kids!
We loved having sausage, bacon, waffles, strawberries, and whip-cream!! Yum!
We were able to send a package of valentines cards, and "American" treats, to Thomas (thanks to the Curtis'!) And Thomas sent me the Most Beautiful flowers, our favorite Lindt chocolates, and the most special of all: a message Every Hour, On the Hour for the entire day of February the 14th.
It was so special! My all time Favorite!!
The kids got treats galore! Enough to last for weeks, or minutes, either way-it was yummy!

We also had a surprise, sweet, heart-attack left on the front door!!

Kirtlyn and her cousin Brianna were really cute trying to make a heart shape for Valentines Day! Just love it!!

And yes, our Big news is that we found out what we are having!! Can you tell?